Welcome to the GREENS project.

GREENS is an innovative community and environmental project, working passionately to create a world class Biodiversity Sanctuary in the heart of the Eastern Ghats of India.

Once complete, the contemporary botanical Sanctuary will educate and engage in the global importance of protecting biological resources for present and future generations.

GREENS food-garden-paddy-3 GREENS model-roof-garden

GREENS works actively in local Eco Schools Network in Tamil Nadu to produce innovative interpretation projects which inspire children and adults to explore conservation and environmental issues.

From water, sanitation and recycling, to sustainable farming and positive solutions to climate change; we work with farmers, teachers and communities to empower our young to be adaptable in earths changing environment.

The GREENS project is about conservation and conservation/nature education. We want to understand the medicinal plants and traditional varieties which have been cultivated and used in the past and to ensure they ate  used sustainably in the future for the benefit of local communities and future generations.